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Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari (Filmcity)

Location Goregaon, Mumbai, India
Area 450 acres
Status Design
Scheme 3: “Chitra Marg”
Realigns Film City Road to the North

The Main Street scheme responds to the attraction of making all of the Film City land contiguous, which is achieved by realigning Film City Road to its north. Boundaries, where they occur, thereby become administrative, not physical, which adds flexibility in planning and phasing long-range growth.

The re-alignment creates new frontage opportunities along Film City Road, which now no longer passes close to the existing Studio. There is therefore an opportunity to offer an attractive location to more independent-minded film makers that nevertheless wish to locate at Film City for all the advantages that promises.

As illustrated, the realigned Film City Road frontage serves as immediate access to four ‘independents, and still leaves enough land for the development of the Entertainment Retail and Theme Park without impinging on the existing Studio lot.

The creation of ‘Main Street’ starts at the entry to a retail street, which leads to the Bollywood Museum, and from there to the Theme Park. As in any other entertainment and/or shopping environment of this size, numerous modes of transportation will be available to move people as required, and tours of the Film City Studio itself will be conducted by bus in a controlled environment.

Direct access to the Studio from Film City Road is still provided at the north-east side of the Studio and, as in the other two schemes, new development is recommended to be restricted to the ‘crescent’ and the ‘panhandle’.