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Millennium Club

Location Juhu, Mumbai, India
Area Building 3000 sqm
Status Completed in 2006
The club is located on Juhu Parle Link Road, in the residential neighborhood of Juhu, an upmarket northern suburb of Mumbai.

This interior design scheme took its clues from the architectural expression of the existing building, which consisted of a colonnade of circular columns separated by arched windows on the façade in a sort of post modern style.

With a view to achieving a sense of originality within, the aspect of color was adopted to identify the areas. However, the shades – hues and tones of the selected color were of the same family, and also in tune with the original stylistic expression of a Stately building befitting the name of the club. The interior expression thus gained was on the elements and their finishing, particularly the upholstery fabrics and flooring patterns in the various areas.