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santa city

Location Khar, Mumbai, India
Area 125 Acres Sit
: 2,23,569 sq mt Building
: Master Planning - Skidmore Owing & Merrill (SOM), NY, USA
Status Under construction
The scale of the project entails a multidisciplinary input of various services, of which our scope involves the implementation of master plan and architectural design services for the rehabilitation component of the program.

An area of around 140 acres is not to be designed without consideration of immediate regional impact and city wide effect. The teams selected are drawn from the best global practices and have undertaken case studies from around the world that lend relevance to such knowledge.

The social and economic responsibility inherent in the planning of mixed-use slum rehabilitation and redevelopment scheme provides the team with many challenges and design opportunities. The task addresses the aspects of property acquisitions, variations in property definitions and boundaries, commercial concerns, accessibility and circulation effect and phasing to name a few, but yet provides a master plan that leads to the development of a vibrant community and a new image district in this strategic part of Mumbai city.

A total of 22,000 tenements will be rehabilitated in a choice of three residential types is also proposed. This choice option also creates a variation and avoids monotony in the new urban fabric. It also takes in consideration more open spaces for neighborhood activities while allowing dependence on natural light and ventilation in the habitation units. The plans also enable an environment for walking by placing amenities and shops on the ground floors under the residential rehabilitation buildings, thereby reducing the need for motorized transport for convenience and daily needs.