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Location Borivali, Mumbai, India
Area 0.63 Acres Site
: 11,000 sq mt Building
Status Completed in 2006
This is a project of the Municipal Corporation of
Greater Mumbai under a redevelopment process to improve the existing rundown markets in various wards of the city. The schematic proposal consists of freeing up the ground level for loading / unloading space over which are two high ceiling floors for the market, which forms the bulk of the podium for a 10 floor commercial shops and office building above.

The design mandates on a modern outlook to
provide a contemporary identity of the new market for the new generation of users. As an experience and also under the present economics in Greater Mumbai, the approach maximizes development for a self sufficient project by fusing the commercial interests of a neighborhood market with convenience shops and office spaces in the same building. The expression of the building is direct with glazing and composite panel cladding punctuated with sunbreakers for the office floors above while the market is highlighted by a monumental flight of public steps leading to the market floor from the streetfront pavement.